Board of Directors

Jeetendra Choudhary
Chairman & Managing Director
One amongst today’s most innovative, dynamic and progressive business leaders, JC comes from a humble and rural background. As a fresh graduate, he made waves early on by inventing an electricity free technology to pull water. His firm belief passion, hard work, persistence and patience, has made JC a well-known technocrat, visionary and self-made entrepreneur. At a very young age, JC along with two visionary partners, sparked the establishment of a nationally known NGO – Network for Information Computer Technology (NICT). Together, the three pioneered the computer literacy movement and enabled government schools across India to impart a life-changing skill development program for students. The NGO was a precursor to an aggressive business – NICT Technologies Pvt. Ltd. that is a name of choice in India’s renowned banks, cellular services, electronic payment systems, schools, state education systems and a lot more. His vision helped the company win the renowned Gyanodaya project and soon thousands of schools were computerized. Also, well-equipped computer labs were established across the state propelling the company into the big league.
Navin Choudhary
Co-Founder & CEO
A budding entrepreneur, a man on the move and a concerned citizen constantly exploring the ideas that can bring change in the average countrymen’s life- that is Navin Choudhary. He has been picking up insights and driving various business activities even before he completed his formal education. A management graduate from the world renowned Oxford Brookes University, UK, he is a young and promising talent with knowledge and energy. Trained with the best entrepreneurs and visionaries of this generation, Navin is highly ambitious, a go-getter and committed to realise big dreams. Navin believes in implementing disruptive ideas, which can change society by utilizing the hidden talent of youth and untapped opportunities in technology. He is passionate about empowering people and transforming lives. He believes that youth unemployment is a terrible tragedy. He quotes the famous writer Mark Twain who said – “There is no sadder thing than a young pessimist”. Because pessimism leads to paralysis. Navin believes that young people are hungry for better options. In recent times increasing numbers of young people are taking risks and starting their own enterprise.

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